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CONCORSO DI CUCINA CALDA "CUCINIAMO AZZURRO" The entires for the cooking competition "Cuciniamo Azzurro" are now open! With the following link you can download the necessary files to proceed with the subscription: guidelines, subscription form and the example of a recipe ( For more info, call the number 3476534384.
Festa della Musica in Marzamemi is a music event that has been promoted by the Mibact!Don't take any appointment, a day in the name of good music, fun and a lot of people. Bands of every genre will be performing one after another!
This year too the Festival of the blue fish is back, with its V Edition! The event will take place in Marzamemi, in the center of the ancient village, from the 28th to the 30th of June 2019. Stay tuned for all the news and the full program of the event!
This year too the Inverdurata of Pachino is back, stronger than ever! Three days of celebration, events, craftmanship and local products markets, exibitions, tasting... This, of course, as a background for the wonderful vegetal mosaics that gave life and color to Via Cavour. With its 15.000 participations, that got over the 10.000 of last year, the Inverdurata satisfied everyone: organizers, tourists and inhabitants, that were able to discover the beautiful and united Pachino that everyone likes. Despite the bad weather of Sunday morning that hit and destroied a great part of the sketches realized on Friday night, in fact, the artists didn't give up and, stronger than before, gave life again to some of the mosaics thanks to the help of a lot of citizens that offered their contribute. This way, the passengers didn't discourage and they indeed enjoyed the working process and the live realization of what are true works of art. It was maybe this, together with the entire outline of the celebration, that made the XVI Edition of Inverdurata a true success, pleasing and satisfying those who attended and those who followed these three days trhough our social medias. As a clousure of the event, of course,…
Event suitable for children and adults with the intent to spend a day together with friends and smiles, enjoying the thrill and feelings that can give a kite hovering in the air.
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The Pro Loco Marzamemi is a voluntary association, of a privatistic nature, non-profit, with a value of public social utility, and with relevance of public interest.



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