The Vela Sport Marzamemi Nautical Club is born from the experience in the sailing enviroment of its founder Guido grown up in France at the shore of the Seine. 
 His passion for sailing and the discovery of this corner of paradise make him work hard in a new project: to create a sailing circle that gathered all the enthusiastics and everyone who wanted to find out about sailing in Marzamemi. 
 We organize every week collective classes for teenagers and adults. We teach the theoretical basics on board of our boat. Safety always comes first, so our students are always followed by appropriate  assistance vehicles and trained staff. 


Legal location: Via Buonarroti, 30 96018 Pachino (SR) C.F. 920 20 920 895

Nautical Base: El Cachalote Diving Center - Porto Fossa - Marzamemi

 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 Phone number: 800 180436
 Guido Clima: 338 5259501


About Us

The Pro Loco Marzamemi is a voluntary association, of a privatistic nature, non-profit, with a value of public social utility, and with relevance of public interest.



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