We are at the 6th edition of the blue fish festival!
An event now consolidated over time, an event that holds the true essence of traditions, good music, fresh and 0 km food. Anchovies and sardines are the queens of the event, the "poor" fish of the ancient village of Marzamemi, but at the same time rich, with healthy properties and history.
The festival, in three days, consists of enogastronomy with the event "Vini in Tonnara", excellences of the territory, refined craftsmanship, cooking competitions for professionals, shows and moments of cultural exchanges.
Well it can't be explained in words, you have to LIVE IT! WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!

About Us

The Pro Loco Marzamemi is a voluntary association, of a privatistic nature, non-profit, with a value of public social utility, and with relevance of public interest.



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