Dott. Filippo Stracquadanio Area Manager Sicilia Finanza e Previdenza Srl _ Via Carlo Pisacane 45/D, 123 40026_Imola (BO) Tel. + 39 0931 591930| Mobile: +39 335 5815254 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Web:
THE FISHING EXPERIENCE IN SIRACUSA Borea “The Sea Experience” – Porto di Ognina – Siracusa Cell: +39 3339458579 / +39 3889578531 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. “SCIROCCO” TOUR (Weather permitting) 4/5 HOURS DEPARTURE: Morning This fishing excursion departs at 7:30 am from the port of Ognina. The day begins with us sailing to the fishing area whilst having the opportunity to chat with Captain Mirko who will be happy to explain all the equipment on board. In this excursion the technique that will be used will be that of "Fishing Net". Once we arrive at the fishing area we prepare for the recovery…
MELAGODO VIAGGI PACHINO. The company, located in Pachino (SR), offers high competence and professionalism with the offer and sale of tourist products, experience and creativity with events planning. It promotes and manages itineraries and guided tours to La Strada Del Vino in the territory of Noto and it handles the information points. •Trips from the catalogue;•Last minute and early booking offers; •Tourist packs; •Cruises;•Group trip;•Hotel booking;•Car renting. Contacts Address: Via Garibaldi 62 - PACHINO Phone: 0931597700
ROSART SICILY Handmade bags with a sicilian theme made with jute, but not just that! Jewellery, tambourines, ceramic objects and tiles, everything is handmade. Contacts: 377 505 9915 - 349 728 1671 Facebook: Rosart Sicily. 
DREAMING SICILY A team of tourism professionists, passionate about and in love with Sicily, born to give its exprerience and professionalism to whoever wants to spend a dreamy holiday and keep living new and emotional experiences. If you want to travel around Sicily and you have questions about what to see, how to move from one place to another, where to stay, or if you want a guide and a lot more, visit the website Contacts: +39 3382322936 - +39 3248773734 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
BRICOFER DINATALE Brico, everything for your household and do-it-yourself! Contacts: 339 190 7178 - 0931 846765 Address: Via Anita 47, Pachino (SR) 
MARIELLA ARANGIO HAIR STYLIST This saloon is the ideal place where you can bring your perfect hairstyle to life, with so many different solutions for everiday life or a special occasion. Located in Marzamemi, province of Syracuse, the saloon offers a wide choice of services to meet its clients' wishes: from hair color, to hairstyles for brides, to a simple hair cut with styling and extensions. For info about our services o to book an appointment don't hesitate to contact us. Address: Marzamemi, Pachino (SR), Viale Paolo Calleri 3 (ex Viale Lido). Contacts: 333 1669854 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
CLUB NAUTICO VELA SPORT MARZAMEMI The Vela Sport Marzamemi Nautical Club is born from the experience in the sailing enviroment of its founder Guido grown up in France at the shore of the Seine. His passion for sailing and the discovery of this corner of paradise make him work hard in a new project: to create a sailing circle that gathered all the enthusiastics and everyone who wanted to find out about sailing in Marzamemi. We organize every week collective classes for teenagers and adults. We teach the theoretical basics on board of our boat. Safety always comes first, so…
SIKELIA SAIL Our desire is to make you live and get to know our sea, to make you relax and have fun surrounded by the beauty of our nature but together with a friend of yours since forever, the sea, that will make you feel like family and will trat you like a member of it. Take a look at our excursions on board of our boats, that will lead you to wonderful places and uncontaminated isles, where you will be able to swim in the clear water of our Carribean-like sea at Isola delle Correnti, Capopassero, Marzamemi and Vendicari.…

About Us

The Pro Loco Marzamemi is a voluntary association, of a privatistic nature, non-profit, with a value of public social utility, and with relevance of public interest.



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