Who we are

On June 12th 2014 the "Pro Loco Marzamemi" tourist association was founded.

Founding members: Antonino CAMPISI - Davide FERRARA - Walter GUARRASI - Vittorio CAMPISI - Angela FRONTERRE’ - Emanuela CAMPISI - Enzo CATAUDELLA - Giuseppina ALIFFI - Sebastiano ALIFFI - Gianbattista DI NATALE - Giovanni SAMMITOSalvatore PACE - Maria MAGRI’ - Liborio NOTO Patrizia AMENTA - Francesco CAMPISI - Giuseppe ARGENTINO - Lida Louise LAMY

The association's statute was approved on June 12th 2014.

The 1st Board of Directors in office for the first four years is composed of:

Antonino CAMPISI - President

Davide FERRARA - Vice President

Walter GUARRASI - Secretary / Treasurer

Vittorio CAMPISI - Councilor

Angela FRONTERRE’ - Councilor

Emanuela CAMPISI - Councilor

Enzo CATAUDELLA - Councilor

Giuseppina ALIFFI - Councilor

Sebastiano ALIFFI - Councilor

Gianbattista DI NATALE - Councilor

Giovanni SAMMITO – Councilor

The 1st Board of Auditors for the first four years consists of:

President - Salvatore PACE

Effective component - Maria MAGRI’

Effective component - Liborio NOTO

Alternate member – Patrizia AMENTA


The 1st Board of Arbitrators in office for the first four years is composed of:

President - Francesco CAMPISI

Effective component - Giuseppe ARGENTINO

Effective component - Lida Louise LAMY


The Pro Loco Marzamemi is a voluntary association, of a privatistic nature, non-profit, with a value of public social utility, and with relevance of public interest. The Pro Loco Marzamemi has the purpose of social promotion, of valorisation of the realities and of the naturalistic, cultural, historical, tourist and enogastronomic potentialities of the place on which it insists. Among other purposes those expressly provided for by art. 8 of the Sicily Region Act of September 15, 2005, n. 10. In particular it is proposed:

a) the protection, improvement and enhancement of the local environmental, tourist and cultural resources;
b) promotion for the improvement of tourist reception and information services, infrastructures and hotel and extra-hotel accommodation;
c) initiatives to sensitize the resident population towards the social, cultural, environmental and tourism phenomenon;
d) the organization, also in collaboration with public and / or private bodies, of initiatives such as guided tours, excursions, activities of local animation;
e) the management of monuments and related services aimed at their tourist use;
f) activities of social utility and solidarity both to the members and to third parties, aimed at developing forms of socio-cultural tourism, with particular regard to the elderly, minors and the disabled;
g) collaboration with the most representative trade associations that operate in conjunction with the Regional and Provincial Authorities.

Chi Siamo

La Pro Loco Marzamemi è un’Associazione di volontariato, di natura privatistica, senza fini di lucro, con valenza di pubblica utilità sociale, e con rilevanza di interesse pubblico.


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